Since the mid to late 90’s the internet has been growing, back in the 90’s everyone has dial up internet service that took forever to get on the internet if it was a busy night. But now that dial up is pretty much extinct and broadband and DSL has taken over the internet is more popular and is an option available on cell phones, tablets even new cars. Now that we have all the technology that uses internet, steaming media and using GPS systems we will need more and more internet hosts, especially those that offer an easy website builder to make sure anyone who wants to can create a website.


Internet hosting has taken over the world and is only going to get bigger and more profitable. Every company that currently allows their employees to work from home has to have an internet host so that the employee may access the companies systems from their home office. As we continue to move into the future and more and more companies move to a paperless system and being able to work online more efficiently will have more employees signing onto the system and with that system they will have to have more than just one internet host for all the systems that they run off their servers. Each company may be able to allow their technical department be able to fix things virtually from the convenience of their home office as well.

Many hosting companies are being used more and more for their employees as stated above in the previous paragraph as there will be less down time for the employees if the companies information and all the files can be stored on a cloud and automatically backed up and their employees can still access some of the information during the down time, this means they can still be productive. That is a significant positive growth from a few years ago, if the internet was down so was your whole company and it was unproductive and employees would get impatient waiting to work then they would lose focus of the whole day. Also, due to internet hosting there is a lot of companies that have decided to go paperless to lighten the employees commuting to work and home. Companies that use a cloud host as backup for their system are already at an advantage, due to the physical dangers that a business could face like a fire, flood or tornado’s the information they store on the could can be accessed anywhere, anytime and they don’t have to be at the actual location. Many were hesitant on putting all their information in a cloud as they don’t know where it goes, but it is safer and keeps all information harder for a hacker to steal. And all information can be accessed from anywhere in the world with the passwords.